A Different thought on Haiti

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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My friend Ann sent me this cute message on Haiti Friday,

“Saw on the internet that Haiti is without a government. To help out, I am donating
one Obama, one Pelosi, one Reid, one Frank, one Coakley, and two Clintons! They may keep them permanently! I’ll also loan them my constitution since it’s not being used right now! lol. Have a great day!”

I thought that this was funny but it also underlined a tragic fact. Haiti has no government. Haitian President, Rene Preval seems to be very different from his predecessors, who pillaged the country for personal gain. Yet he is in no way prepared to see the country through this tragedy. No elected official in any country has the skills needed to bring relief and order to Haiti.

Venezuelan Dictator, Hugo Chavez, has already put out the claim that the United States was in Haiti on a mission of occupation. No one takes anything he says seriously but he has hit on the best solution. The US should take over Haiti.

Let me be clear, regardless of what those nuts claim about the Iraqi war and oil, the United States has never had imperialistic dreams. We do not want or need to make any country a part of the United States.

At the time of Japans surrender in WWII, that country was in shambles. The two atomic bombs were just the topping to General Curtis Lemay’s non-stop bombing. There was nothing left of the country. General Douglas MacArthur was placed in charge of the occupation of Japan. He ruled that country for 80 months. As in Haiti, MacArthur’s first job was to set up a food and water network, followed by the reconstruction of Japan. In 1952, control of Japan was relinquished and it was returned to the status of an independent country.

While many may disagree with this tactic, none can say that without the intervention that Japan would be the thriving, prosperous country that it is today. The desire to appease world opinion has been a severe handicap in both the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have stood in a sideline position where we lacked control over the situation. This has cost many lives and is the reason that we are still there.

Will we take charge? No, we have lost the leadership that is necessary to take on a challenge and see it through to completion. We still have the ability but we no longer have the will. To look good for our enemies is more important then saving lives. Let our military do what they do best.





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