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Posted: April 8, 2010 in ... of the Day!
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As Bill Sees It
Self-Respect Through Sacrifice, p. 97

At the beginning we sacrificed alcohol. We had to, or it would have
killed us. But we couldn’t get rid of alcohol unless we made other
sacrifices. We had to toss the self-justification, self-pity, and anger
right out the window. We had to quit the crazy contest for personal
prestige and big bank balances. We had to take personal
responsibility for our sorry state and quit blaming others for it.

Were these sacrifices? Yes, they were. To gain enough humility and
self-respect to stay alive at all, we had to give up what had really
been our dearest possessions–our ambitions and our illegitimate

A.A. Comes Of Age, p. 287


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