What a difference a year makes. On April 15, 2009, I found myself speaking before the people gathered for Greenwood’s first Tea Party. I believe that that was the first time that I ever used the phrase “Elected Weasels” in public. It was also the day that I started thinking of entering the world of politics.

Well, I started with a lot of prayer. Seeking guidance from God is always the best beginning and I then talked with my family about running for office. Having neither experience in running a campaign nor any funding, I made the decision to run as an Independent on a petition campaign. Now, never, ever think that I lack ambition because the first office that I decided to run for was for the US House of Representatives. No town council spot for the Gunslinger. I wanted to see the look on their faces in Washington when Big Daddy came bouncing through the door.

However, those plans were not to be. Not long after I started my campaign, I began having some health problems and unfortunately, I knew from experience what was wrong. I was going to have to have a hip replacement.

My surgery was on March 15, and I have to say that I am well pleased with the progress that I have made over the last month. I left last years Tea Party feeling very good but left today feeling as if I had been beat very good. I will pay the price for over doing it because I was able to see some people that I needed to see and get some answers to some questions that I had. I also got to hang out with my old friend JD.

The filing deadline for the petition is not until July 15, and I suppose that I could get enough names by then but I made the decision to drop out several months ago. Now I feel that it is time to announce the candidates that I support. I know that you could care less about what I think but I would like you to consider these candidates.

SC House District 13 – Greenwood
Buck Griffin
– Buck will be facing incumbent Gene Pinson. I will say that I believe that it is a good time for Gene to leave politics and leave it at that.

SC Governor
Nikki Haley
– Nikki has conservative credentials that can stand on their own. I am going to be politically incorrect and say that having a woman for Governor would also go along way in breaking the good old boy stereotype of South Carolina politics. The only problem that I see is Nikki getting the support needed for the primary. Vote smart.

SC Lt. Governor
Bill Connors
– I believe that this is an easy choice.

SC Sec. Education
Kelly Payne
– It seems that the more letters that the Sec. Education has behind their name the lower our children’s test scores fall. It is time to put a real person on the job that can get some real results.

SC Attorney General
Alan Wilson
– In all fairness, I am not very familiar with these candidates. It could be that I am trying to be fair to Wilson because I do not like his father’s politics.

While I still believe that I am the best person to fill the last position, I know that I have to pick from between the primary challengers. For me this turns out to be an easy choice.

US House of Representatives – 3rd Congressional District of SC
Jeff Duncan
– I can see big things from this young man. Granted, he is not the Gunslinger but perhaps the world is much better off because of that. I stand behind Jeff 100%.

Here is a picture of Jeff and me taken at the Greenwood Tea Party.

  1. Kelly Payne says:

    Thank you!!!!!

    Our government has invaded the constitutional borders of our state and local communities and polluted our schools, thus creating a centralized authority that is out of touch with America and out of control.
    We have allowed federal and state bureaucracies to flood our public school system as if the citizens of South Carolina and our local communities are not competent enough to educate our own children. Since when did a group of politicians become qualified to tell our teachers and students how to teach and what to think?
    It is no longer acceptable to simply highlight the recklessness of our out of control government or play the political blame game.
    We do not need education reform. Because reform is a mere change of an existing system and the existing system is eternally flawed. What we need is a TRANSFORMATION to an educational system that is guided by the Constitution and individual liberties.
    I do not classify the problems of our public education system with a lack of resources, but with a lack of quality and standards of achievement.
    While my opponents will promise substantial activity, I can offer an opportunity for real progress. I am committed to working with local school boards, superintendents, teachers, parents, and individual citizens and NOT THE LEGISLATURE to Transform Education Through Achievement!
    Our ability to overcome this dilemma will define the future of this Republic.
    It is time to put OUR KIDS FIRST
    No single challenge that we are facing today is more crucial to restoring our Republic and advancing our freedoms than the transformation of our education system.

    Kelly Payne