Is Obama Really a Socialist?

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The words “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” from The Declaration of Independence, have always struck me as being some of the most powerful words ever written. Being one who strives for continued growth as a human being, I try to avoid any type of standardized reaction. Regardless of what my belief is at the time, I try to take that belief, turn it over, look all around it, and then ask myself if I still hold that truth to be self-evident. I was surprised the other day when the answer came back no, maybe, I don’t know.

Last year, Rush Limbaugh was one of the first to create a stir across the country when he referred to President Barack Obama as a Socialist. While this put the left in a super snit, I had already come to the same conclusion. For the past year, I have not really given Obama’s ideology any thought but while reading an article posted on American Thinker entitled “A Stranger in Our Midst”, I began rethinking on how best to describe Obama because both Rush and I were wrong.

When looking at this regime’s agenda, I agree that it appears to be socialistic. The problem comes in when you realize that none of this is Obama’s doings. Reid, Pelosi and their minions are socialist in every sense of the word but it became clear during debate over both the stimulus and healthcare that Obama had no clue what was in the bills. These programs are the work of our elected socialist, not our President. Reid and Pelosi have run the entire legislative process from day one. They both have that far away, utopian dream look in their eyes while Obama is a different breed of cat.

The author of the article, Robert Weissberg, talks about how he has not been able to put his finger on this administration. He says that the feeling is so strange that the best that he can describe it is “Alien Rule.” I can understand that. This is something that we, here in America have never experienced.

During Obama’s World Apology Tour 2009, I came across a little cartoon or something, I cannot remember exactly what it was but I can still remember what it said, “Barack Obama is not our first black President. Bill Clinton was our first black President. Obama is our first French President.”

Perhaps if we lived in France, we could better see what drives Obama because we have never had anything like him in this country. As I first thought, he is a socialist but when you look at the whole picture, you see that it goes much deeper then that. So what is he?

President Barack Hussein Obama is a bona fide ANARCHIST.

I want you to think about this now and let it sink in. It is beyond my educational forte to be able to put him in a cubbyhole and with his megalomania and narcissistic tendencies, it may be impossible for anyone to peg him. Regardless of his exact sociological or ideological place, he is an anarchist. His job, his entire purpose of being is to destroy this country.

I know that this sounds harsh and radical but how does Obama come across to the world, harsh and radical. He insults and snubs his nose at our greatest allies, all the while bowing and appearing subservient to our greatest enemies.

Never in the history of this country have we ever had a President treat the American people in the Obama manner. As much as the left hates President George W. Bush, I defy anyone to show where he berated and demonized even the most radical among them. This is an everyday occurrence with Obama.

Why does he do it? That is simple; he wants to create division. He wants citizen to turn against citizen. There cannot be political debate anymore; it must all be a frenzied, rabid dogfight.

It has even reached the point where Pelosi was asking him to ease off because she was afraid that his anti-Washington rhetoric was going to get the democrats kicked out of office. She does not realize that he does not care. Anarchist never care.



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