Who’s Next? Update 002 – Attack of the Ronulans!

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You know, some times having the lightening quick reflexes that come with being a Gunslinger has its drawbacks. Take Tuesday night, I was just scrolling along when my instincts took over. I spun back, drew and fired in the blink of an eye. However, in that same blink of an eye, I realized that I had trouble. I had stepped into a nest of Ronulans.

Now Ronulans aren’t such a bad bunch. They are more snarky than vicious. A pack of Obamabots will try to eviscerate you and cut your tongue out but Ronulans for the most part only leave you with a bad headache.

It seems that everybody is just tickled to death that Rand Paul won the GOP senate primary in Kentucky. I on the other hand just said what every right thinking person in the country should be saying, ”We need to be getting one Paul out of office and here they are trying to put another Paul in office. He’s not as nutty as his Dad but give him time. Nothing good can come of this.“ The Ronulans came swarming out like fire ants, asking if I were nuts and suggesting that I read the constitution.

Let me deal with this fellow Rand first because I think that I was wrong about him. He is as nutty as Ron. Ever since he won the primary, I have been listening to Rand dig his holes deeper and deeper. I have been holding off writing this to see if he exploded before the weekend. The GOP is trying to do something with him but he could very well still sink himself before November.

Rand claims not to be a politician but let’s blow that out of the water fast. With over thirty years of campaigning for his dad in countless congressional races, a senate race and two runs at the Presidency of the United States, do not try to blow smoke up my ass that you know nothing about politics. You are not Joe, the car mechanic from down the street. You are a player. You are also a wacko. Let’s look at his platform now. He wants to abolish the Department of Education. He wants to do away with Farm Subsidies. He wants to audit the Fed and on and on. Wait a minute; this is starting to sound familiar. Have any of you heard this before? Oh, now I remember. Does anyone find it strange that his platform and his dad’s platform are interchangeable? Who would have ever thought that a little Congressional District in Texas and the entire State of Kentucky have exactly the same problems? Does anyone find it strange that his platform has nothing to do with the world today? It is almost as if two separate conversations are going on. One side says jobs and the answer is American with Disabilities Act. Oil Spill = farm subsidies. And on and on.

One interesting side to the Rand Paul story is the claims of voter intimidation and electioneering from two separate polling stations. This is the danger from the wacko’s. If you want to be a nut, go and be a nut but get out of our party. When your actions mirror the actions of The New Black Panther Party, there is something very wrong. Remember the Two New Black Panther members who were charged with the same thing in 2008? Every conservative pundit was crying when the case was dismissed. Are they going to cry now? Are they going to press for a trial of Rand Paul supporters? Can anyone explain what could come over a group of plain, simple, Kentucky conservative republicans that caused them to become involved with voter intimidation? Could it be wacko’s?

Now, I want to thank my friend Peg for the term Ronulans that I used at the beginning. If you are a Paul fan, you may not like the word but that is something you will have to deal with. One of the few things that the left – right media seem to have agreed on is that the Ron Paul followers constitute a cult; Paul-ites or what ever you chose to call them. There have been many cultish, radical groups through out history and they have all had one thing in common. That thing is a fanatical leader. Jim Jones, David Koresh, Barack Obama or Ron Paul, Like attracts like. At the end of the day they will always be standing by, staring blindly, with glazed over eyes.

Like many others in this country, I would have to say that Ronald Reagan was my favorite President. With all of the respect and admiration that I had for this man, if I had ever had the chance to meet him, a slight nod of the head, a firm, short handshake, and a how do you do is all he’s gonna get. That’s it , no yelling, no screaming, no fainting. I nor this country have time for fanatics.

There are two things that are always attached to Ron Paul. They are the constitution and “The Fed.” Now, I As I mentioned earlier, I was told that I needed to read the constitution to get Ron Paul. Don’t you damn dare try to talk down to me as if Ron Paul was some larger then life hero. He is not tuned in to the constitutional voices of the universe getting secret information that no one else gets. On his best day he is still nothing more than a two-bit politician. He is a nut that goes around and all he has to do is say constitution and everyone goes yea, yea. Can you tell me when he has ever stood on the constitution? When has he ever put skin in the game? It is so easy to say “no, that’s against the constitution” and vote no after you’ve filled the bill with your pork barrel spending.

Now, everybody wants to audit the Fed. He writes books and goes on the lecture circuit. This has made him filthy rich. We have to audit the Fed, all we have is fiat money, it is not backed by gold and is going to collapse tomorrow.

Could it happen? Sure, just like Al Gore’s climate change could happen. Paul has been singing this exact same song for forty years, ever since 1971 when Paul came up with this theory. There have been a whole lot of tomorrows that have turned into yesterdays and I can fore see many more. A lot of you were not even born when Paul started this. I told you that he was fanatical and the Fed is his white whale. This is his life, his entire purpose of being. Not to be of service to the country, not even for the constitution that he talks so much about but Ron Paul’s plan since entering congress in 1976 has been to further the theories of Ron Paul. That is why he is always out of step with the current political scene. That is why now in 2010, with everything going on in the world from terrorist to oil spills, Rand Paul chooses to talk about the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the American with disabilities act.

Now, you may have been thinking that I had some hidden information about the Paul’s or some big secret? No, just things that are as obvious if you are willing to look.

I don’t care if he is the best politician in office. To be at the head of the list on a long list of losers is nothing to brag about. All losers must go. The Paul’s aren’t the only ones. Here in South Carolina, Congressman Joe Wilson was a useless waste of space before he said “You Lie “ and he is still useless. He has got to go. Senator Jim DeMint, the darling of the right, sorry Jim but you’re out of here. Will these things happen? Not a chance.

We have all of you people talking about taking back your country, when you can’t even take the trash out. You whine and cry and say “Oh but this is Ron Paul,” instead of saying thank you for your service but you are being replaced. You people are not strong enough, you are not ruthless enough and you are not smart enough. You refuse to follow your own simple instructions. “If you’re in – You’re out.” How hard is that to understand and why can’t you stick to that instead making excuses?

When I made the comparison earlier, you might have laughed but when you stand the Paul’s up next to Barack Obama, you will find many more similarities then differences. Non-interventionism, isolationism, foreign affairs and the ever popular Strategy of Manufactured Crisis. They are magicians of the first order, they are masters at misdirection. Their underlying motivation is their egos. They will both bypass debate and choose ridicule to marginalize anyone who disagrees. They are on the same playing field. They understand each other. Have you ever wondered how Bill Maher can not even say the word republican without gagging yet he loves Ron Paul?

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