Who’s Next? – Update 003 – Last of the Pauls/ Plan B.

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, it seems that in my last post, I did not make it clear enough how I felt about Ron Paul, Rand Paul and their group of wacko’s. They are a scourge upon the earth, they are a clear and present danger to the safety and welfare of the United States of America, and they are the putrid drippings of an STD. They are WORD THIEVES.

That’s what they are, word thieves. They do nothing of any value or worth, all they can do is take certain words that have earned a special place in Americana and twist them up so that the word no longer as any meaning. They have ruined words such as constitution, freedom, conservative and even liberty.

Liberty is perhaps the most precious word to ever be uttered or written. It is the word that cannot be declared or rescinded by any man, by any proclamation or by any party. This one word is the coronation of all that we have. Liberty is our gift from God. The sum total of all things given by our creator and it has been perverted by these half-wit, do nothing, liberal wanna -be’s.

“Dr. Paul and I talked a couple of days ago,” Grayson said. “I’ll do what he asks me to do. I’ve been a good Republican. I’m gonna stay a good Republican and stay engaged.”

So here, it is; they are taking away the meaning of the words “Good Republican.”
It’s over and gone. What ever you thought those words meant can never come back.
Good Republican now means; do as you’re told.
Good Republican now means; never question.
Good Republican now means; cover for the leaders.

Now, I am done. I never want to be forced to discuss this trash again.

Am I going to be a good republican? Ha, yeah right, just bite me!
I am going to be a New Rage Republican. I am ready to stand them on their heads.
Primaries are Tuesday, and that is when we will see how things look for November.
What are you going to do if all of your perfect little plans fail. What if your candidate loses?

Do you have the strength for PLAN B?
Do you have the courage for PLAN B?
Do you have the skin for PLAN B?
Are you wondering what PLAN B could be?


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