The Two Faces of the Tea Party – Yahoo! News

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The Two Faces of the Tea Party – Yahoo! News

via The Two Faces of the Tea Party – Yahoo! News.

Very good article on the Tea Party. It still amazes me that this movement has splintered in so many directions, so quickly. It shoud have been titled, “How many faces does the Tea Party have?”

Today, we have a very serious problem in this country. Too many times I see the Tea Party name hijacked by groups who want to use it as a platform for their social agenda.

In the GOP run-off for the 3rd, S.C. Congressional District it was Tea Party vs Tea Party; 51% – 49%. The fact that 49% of the people would vote someone into National Office based solely on their far right platform of abortion and homosexuality makes me ask questions.

Since both candidates were supported by different Tea Party groups. Were thier actual platforms the thing that got them votes or was it simply that people voted on the word of the local Tea Party?


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