As everyone knows, I, The Gunslinger am an equal opportunity toe stomper.

Tonight, President Obama will present the State of the Union Address, which will be followed by the Republican response. Congressman Paul Ryan has been selected to give this rebuttal. This has been the standard tradition for some years but this year something a little different is happening.

It seems that Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann will be giving the Tea Party rebuttal to the SOTU. Now I know that there are many out there who just love Michele Bachmann but I am not one of them. Where does this woman get the gall to just up and decide that she is going to speak for me? Here is one way to look at it. “I AM THE TEA PARTY AND I HAVE A VOICE. “ I have a voice and I’m not afraid to use it but I have NO right to speak for you. I will tell anyone what I think, feel or believe but I must stop when it comes to what YOU think, feel or believe.

Why can’t this woman understand this? Why does she feel that she is empowered to speak for people without their permission? Who elected this person as the Queen of the Tea Partiers? Does she even realize that the Tea Party is a philosophy, not an actual political party? Remember that she demanded the inclusion of a Tea Party Caucus on the hill. Why is she considered as a wacko by so many? Could it be because she is wrong so often?

Could the answer to these questions lie in her political ambitions? Is it possible that this nutty woman could be preparing for a Presidential run and will do anything for publicity?

When choosing a candidate, I do not want to be told What the Republicans, the Democrats or the Tea Party believes. I want to know what the candidate believes.

If you want to be heard, use your own voice and stop stealing mine.


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