I’m not an Economist but I Play one on the Internet – 0001

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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As the title says, I am not an economist. But I am one of those who made it through the public school system with the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide. These simple math skills seem to be in short supply because no one is calling out our elected weasels on the debt limit numbers.

Let me be clear, John Boehner and the republican leadership are screwing us in the debt limit negotiations. I don’t understand why these numbers are not sending shock waves of anger through out the country. They are treating people who want to reduce the debt like they are stupid and the people are just going along with them. This article from Politico lays the plan out but no one seems to see what a farce it is.

” … a package that is likely to include more than $4 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years, including changes to popular entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security.”

“Such a “grand bargain” would be a major victory for Boehner and House Republicans, who have sought to slash federal spending at every opportunity since coming to power six months ago.”

Alright now, they say they want to SLASH federal spending and are talking about 4 trillion dollars in cuts but… but… but… I can see the addition of the words “Over 10 years.” Is it starting to sink in? A 4 trillion dollar cut over ten years equals 400 billion a year. We are currently running a deficit of 1.4 trillion a year, so this will still leave us overspending ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

All we are getting is talk that should cause people to light the torches and get out the pitch forks. This is the way that Washington works because we allow them to stay in office. I am so tired of hearing people scream about the way things are done in Washington and at the same time squeal like cheerleaders for their favorite career politician.


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