These People Are Not Rational

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Well folks, back at the first of August I started seeing these Facebook post and stories put out by so-called conservatives saying that the Obama campaign was suing the State of Ohio to prevent military personnel from voting. Everybody was screaming and carrying on so but I said “No, something doesn’t sound right about this story.” Well guess what? After about one whole minute of research I found a copy of the actual suit and guess what I found out? All of the stories were wrong, in fact they were more than wrong; they were out right lies. To be honest, I don’t particulerly like haveng to defend Obama but a lie is a lie no matter where it comes from. That’s just one of the jobs that a Gunslinger has to do.

Things in life no longer make me angry but it seems that I do still get ticked off sometimes, so I ranted a little bit here on my blog. Well of course no one believed me over the hundreds of stories saying the opposite, one couple even asked me “Are you saying that the ACLJ is wrong?” Silly me, I had no idea who or what the ACLJ was  but I replied “If they are saying that Obama is suing to stop the military vote, then yeah, they’re wrong.” Even though I had the suit and the relevant part pulled out where any one with eyes and half a brain could make their own decision, apparently it is too much trouble for some people to think for themselves because the next thing that I heard was “The ACLJ is made up of great legal minds, I’ll believe them over your opinion.”

Being an old country boy I’ve never been accused of being a great legal mind and the fact that I am human means that I can be wrong and make mistakes but at the same time don’t bet against me too many times because as you’re about to see I was right and the ACLJ was wrong. Na na na na na!

On Friday, August 31 I came across this article “Federal judge rules Ohio must extend 3 early-voting days to all, not just  military.” That was the very thing that I was saying all a long. The sad thing is that people will actively choose a lie over the truth if the truth doesn’t fit with what they want to believe.

Now, on Labor Day, Sept 3rd, I saw another post talking about Obama suing to limit the military vote and I took some screen shots to show how people totally disconnect with the truth even when it is right in front of them.


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