Somebody Please Take Paul Ryan’s Budget Writting Pen Away and Stick it Up …

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Paul Ryan is rolling out his new budget proposal and it is going to be just as effective as his other budgets have been. It is going to do nothing. This time he is going to balance the budget in 10 years rather than 40 and it’s going to be so smooth that you will never feel the spending cuts. The main reason that you won’t feel the cuts is that there aren’t any. You don’t need to go back and read that again; there aren’t any.

Once again Mr. Ryan has decided that reforms have to be made to Medicare (It does, just not by him) and even throws out a threat. He says “Anyone who attacks our Medicare proposal without offering a credible alternative is complicit in the program’s demise.” Today, that is meaningless gibberish, today, both Medicare and Social security, if they’re not now, they are so close to covering themselves that it’s not funny. Yes, we are going to have to reform them both but it does not have to be done today. They are not the reason that we are in debt.

Now to get to that whole “There are no cuts” thing. The Ryan plan is based on hope and change. Yeah, I’ve heard that before too. His hope is that the economy will be changing for the better and that instead of 5% spending increases,we will only need to increase spending by 3.4% each year. So you see folks, we will balance the budget not by cutting spending but by continuing to increase at a slower pace. You’ve got all that now, right?

Now there is one cut in the proposal that could make it work and that is a simple thing of getting the Senate and the President to go along with defunding Obamacare. I don’t know what could go wrong with that plan, do you? Like it or don’t like it, Obamacare is here and it is not leaving anytime soon. The fact that this cut is the backbone of the budget makes it all the more laughable. This budget is not worth the paper it is written on and the House will once more vote yes to another waste of time.

I mean really people, this is the very best that they can come up with. Play with Medicare, Obamacare and cut spending by not increasing spending as fast and you are supposed to end up with a balanced budget. Ahmmm.

As soon as they’re ready to tell each and every Department that they are getting less money this year then they did last year, I’ll start trying to get my laughter under control but until then…


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