The Gunslinger looks at… Ted Cruz, Obamacare and the Sleeping Giants

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Ted Cruz

Ok folks, here’s a straight shot right down the barrel on our young Senator from Texas; sorry Ted but you’re just the latest in a long string of asshats.

Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t, because Ted being an asshat is par for the course. Lets take a quick look at all the heros and saviours that the people have screamed for over the last few years. See if any of these names ring a bell… Sarah Palin, Scott Brown, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann and the list goes on. These are people that through simply saying words, not actions now but words, were carried to the top of Mt. Olympus… until they fell.

Back to Ted… How did Ted become an asshat? Well, he’s probably away’s been one, it’s just people never called him on it. He let the curtin start slipping when he staged that wacky filibuster with Rand Paul that did absolutely nothing except give them publicity. Now here is the latest tidbit showing that Ted is just another politician talking out both sides of his mouth.

Sen. Cruz Blasts the President: ‘Obama Is NOT Following the Constitution’

Ok now! Ted is all pissed that Obama made the decision to hold parts of Obamacare back a year. I can understand that. The law (Obamacare) was passed by the House, passed by Senate and signed by the President. Ted is absolutely right, the President does not have the Constitutional power to change laws to suit his fancy… BUT… Now here is the kicker on Ted… While blasting Obama, he and a bunch of other republicans think that they can simply not fund a law that was passed by the House, by the Senate and signed by the President. It doesn’t work that way. Ted doesn’t have the Constitutional power to change laws to suit his fancy either. The law says that Obamacare will be funded. So…

Listen, whether you love Obamacare or hate it, good or bad, it IS the aw of the land. now I don’t mean to be singling Ted out, as I said he’s just the latest in a long line but this story caught my eye. I could just as well be writing about my Congressman, Jeff Duncan; blah, blah, blah … defund… blah, blah, blah. Pass a bill in the House and the Senate and let the President sign it to repeal law or go on to other business. Don’t stand around like a bunch of hypocrites crying about what the President is doing while you’re doing the same thing.

If you want to shut the government down… go for it. we’ll shut it down over the debt, over the budget or over the NSA spying but if you want to shut it down because you just don’t like a law, then you sir are an asshat.


You know, in the last sentence of the Declaration of Independence, our founders pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor because they understood the enormity  of their undertaking. Failure meant death, it meant loss of land and money. It meant death and misery to all that they loved. Today, people are terrified of insurance.

I oppose Obamacare… but not for the same reasons that all of the battles have been fought over. I mean really… here we have republicans, mad as fire, spitting nails because the democrats have the gall to force someone to be responsible. If you’re like me you can’t count the times that you have been paying a hospital or doctor bill with the full knowledge that the person next to you was not going to pay crap.

Of course the liberal plan will be a disaster but thats not the point. The point is that the republicans picked the absolutely stupidest points to attack Obamacare on.

Are there death panels in Obamacare? Of course there are; just like with every insurance company in the world the yes or no decision falls somewhere. Sarah Palin (I’ll get to her another time) led people off on some wild ass idea of what the death panels were. Now a Gunslinger, while being fearless, understands the meaning of responsibility. In 2008, while preparing to have my right hip replaced, I did things that every responsible person should do; I signed a living will and a healthcare power of attorney.

How Sarah could twist one of the smartest, most caring things that you can do for your family into a terrifying death trap is insane. But the fact that people would actually believe her is a blight upon civilization. For an elderly person, a living will and health care power of attorney can be both frightening and confusing; if a family member brings it up it may create resentment and anger. Instead of a death panel, trying to get them to die, this talk by a doctor can be a blessing for a family.

There will be more on Obamacare as I go into the…

Sleeping Giants

If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it came back out during the summer of 2009. Congress was on their August recess and the libs were pushing the stimulus and Obamacare and the Townhall meetings were hot and heavy. People were adamantly opposed and were letting the elected weasels know it. In April of 2009 Rep. Senator Arlen Specter, fearing a loss flipped to a democrat and and began his pitch to the people. The people didn’t want to hear it and in one meeting a woman looked at Specter and said “You have awakened a sleeping giant.”

FEAR… the root of our division. People shout about the Constitution and this and that but it all boils down to fear. People who had never given politics the slightest interest were now suddenly activist screaming from the street corner. To say the least, the majority of these people were ill informed or misinformed and it remains so today. They fell in with the Ron Paul Wacko’s and the single issue voters and our political system is now in disarray.

I’m going to close this up by saying something that you may not want to hear…

In the November election of 2012, Barack Obama was elected President by the majority of voters. Like, don’t like it, it doesn’t matter, by electing him, they also voted in favor of his policies. People are talking about impeachment and jail and all this other crap but are simply looking at the symptom rather then the problem. The problem is the people who elected him. They can not be reasoned with to change their mind so they will have to be motivated to see things differently.

How do you motivate them? PAIN… that’s right. Let the pain of their own decisions destroy their liberal, socialist dream. I started off talking about the founders and what they had to lose and here we are crying over a little hardship. Suck it up, settle in and watch what happens. Until This happens we will be torn down year after year anyway so become a Gunslinger and not only face the world but challenge the world, fearlessly.


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