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Posted: January 5, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This stared as a reply on a Facebook thread to the question, “what would the republicans replace the ACA with” and it grew…

…… can you try not to use a straw man argument so much. While lack of insurance and healthcare cost are a concern, they are not what’s holding the country back so a plan would not have anything to do with moving the country forward. And guess what? Immigration reform is not what is holding the country back either but that is what they want to divide the country on next. That is all the progressive/socialist have to offer, divide and blame, divide and blame.

In 2009, what did the country need? It needed jobs. While the left had the presidency, the house and the senate, what did they do for jobs? Absolutely nothing.

To be honest, that’s not surprising because government can not create jobs. No matter how much money they spend, they are not creating jobs. Now can the government kill jobs? Oh you betcha.

Now what is holding the country back today? That’s easy; Barack Obama and the progressive/socialist agenda. You see, while the majority of voters elected Obama, the majority of Americans have no faith in him. Consumer confidence is down, consumer borrowing is down, business borrowing is down.

The Fed has been pumping $87 Billion a month into the “economy,” with almost zero interest rates. The libertarians have been screaming about the inflation this will cause but there’s no inflation. Why? Because no one is borrowing the money. The money has to enter the system before inflation but it hasn’t, it’s just sitting there.

The left hates big corporations but they love to brag on the Stock Market and the money being made on their 401K’s under Obama. They fail to see how things are tied together. Ask them how the market is making money while the unemployed and under employed are barely surviving? Ask them how they are making big profits while the people have no money and aren’t spending any money? Watch the blank look come over their faces.

Business is making money by not borrowing, by not hiring and not expanding. They are making money by paying down debt, cutting jobs, cutting insurance and other benefits. All of that goes directly to their bottom line.

There is no such thing as a jobless recovery. It’s just that simple. Whether it’s a business or a family, if you cut expenses your cash flow increases. It all looks great until you reach the day when there is nothing left to cut. What happens then? The increases turn into decreases and profits turn into loses.

This is the Obama economy and the left refuses to even look at it. It’s the republicans fault, Fox News fault, McDonald’s fault and to a degree they’re right. You see it’s the fault of every one of us who is not stupid enough to run out and borrow and spend like a democrat. If we were to borrow and spend, hiring would resume, expansion would resume and the economy would rebound. I’m sorry but that’s not happening when no one knows what job killing bill this nut will want next.

Now back to the ACA and your wanting the republicans to come up with a plan. I would not support any republican plan. You refuse to acknowledge that the government lacks the authority to have any plan on healthcare. It is none of their business. If the ACA worked perfectly, everyone had insurance, prices came down and all was wonderful, it would still be a complete failure because of the power given to the government that can now be used almost unlimitedly.


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