When the Truth Becomes a False Attack and a Sleazy Political Trick, You Know That You Are Dealing With a Whacked Out Liberal.

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Wendy Davis rose to national fame for her pink running shoes and a pro-abortion filibuster in the Texas State Senate. Everyone loves Wendy, so she is now running to be Governor. Her story is one that many people, especially women, can relate too.

All right, you’re running for the office of the Governor of the State of Texas, so you go around telling people your life story. You want to connect with the people and share an understanding; there’s nothing at all wrong with that but what happens when the story that you’re telling turns out not to be completely true? If you’re a whacked out progressive/socialist you place all blame on your political opponent.

Pregnant and married at a young age, she finds herself divorced and living in a trailer park at 19. Well, she was really 21 but that’s not the important thing. The trailer park turns out to be a family owned trailer where she and the baby lived for 3 months before moving into an apartment.

She worked multiple jobs to support them while also getting a college degree and going on to graduate from Harvard Law School. That sounds great. But while parts of this are true, there are details that are missing. Like the husband, who was a lawyer that paid for her last two years of college and drew out his 401 K and took out a loan to pay for Harvard. It turns out that when he made the last loan payment on her Harvard education, she divorced him.

My hat is off to any person who works their way through school, while raising a child and can make Harvard quality grades. But how do you forget getting married, quitting your jobs and someone else paying for your education? That confuses me.

Then when the truth comes out, you double down and blame your opponent for dirty tricks.

I guess that even Harvard doesn’t teach ethics and responsibility.











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