It”s Time We Had A Long Talk… About Math

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I’m not a smart man. I’ve never been to college, never got high grades. I cannot do algebra but I’m pretty fair at old-time basic math; adding and subtracting and so on. Another thing that I can do naturally is to notice things that are out of whack, a form of intellectual OCD.

So, here I am reading through the Daily Kos, a left leaning web site, when I see that the House Republicans and Democrats had compromised on the Farm bill and cut $8 Billion from Food Stamps over a 10 year period. Ok, now here is what caught my attention, The Daily Kos claims that this will effect 2 million people, that it will cut $90 a month from the benefits of 850,000 families.

And my OCD kicked in.

Have you noticed what’s wrong? I didn’t check their math but I’d say that it’s right… but it’s also wrong. Their number is based on 2 million people, 850 thousand families; where did they pull these numbers from? There are now 47 million people receiving food stamps, not 2 million.

So to cut $8 Billion over 10 years is a cut of 800 million a year. Divide by 12 and you get a 66,666,666 cut per month. Now we again divide that by 47 million and the cut is… $1.47 cut per person per month.

I guess they are really large families. Now, I’m not making light of the cuts but how can we ever do anything when people lack basic math skills.


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