Spin, Spin and More Spin

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I came across this meme today and thought that I would do a little checking of the facts, so here it is…


Now anyone who followed me during the last election cycle knows what I think of Paul Ryan. He’s a big government republican who doesn’t know how to spell conservative. He’s been the number three man in John Boehner’s clown posse for years and i hope you get my point. But… I’m one of these odd people that kinda likes the truth and this isn’t exactly it.

It says that Ryan supported raising the minimum wage when Bush asked for it but under Obama he claims that it will cost jobs. First off, President Bush NEVER asked for the minimum wage to be raised. Both the House and the Senate were controlled by the Democrats and this was their plan all the way. All that George Bush had to do with it was that he said that if they sent him the bill, that he would sign it. And he did.

Next we have Ryan’s own words about supporting the increase but did you notice how he qualified his support by tying it to cuts in the small business tax? He basically said yeah, I’ll support it if we credit back the money paid to small businesses. Guess what happened next, they left off the rest of his platform. No… they wouldn’t do that would they?

Here is his quote from the meme…  “Last year, I supported an increase in the minimum wage because it also included tax relief measures for employers to offset the cost of the proposed minimum wage increase.” This meme was created from a Think Progress story and the story did tell the truth begrudgingly while still trying to spin it,

“A ThinkProgress analysis finds that at least 67 Republicans who are still in Congress today backed an increase in the minimum wage in some form, including Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).”

Farther down we find…

“Though Ryan ultimately voted against the measure, he argued that he supported raising the hourly rate as long as it came with a suitable “offset” of small business relief. “Last year, I supported an increase in the minimum wage because it also included tax relief measures for employers to offset the cost of the proposed minimum wage increase,” he noted in a floor speech, as he announced “with great regret” that he could not back the bill without more small business tax cuts.”

Wait a minute, wait a minute… He voted NO… With George Bush as President Paul Ryan voted no to the increase and because he says no to Obama he’s a hypocrite. Really…

Now let’s talk seriously for a minute. There can be no comparison between raising the wage in 2007 and raising it now. Look at the unemployment numbers, look at the work force, look the economy, then and now. We have never recovered. Obama talks about all of the jobs created but we have less people working today than there were in 2008. So someone could vote yes in 2007 and vote no today simply because the economy can’t take it.

One last thing… Post Hoc Err Prompter Hoc… because of that, this.The democrats minimum wage increase went into effect July 2007, July 2008 and July 2009…. and can anyone think of something else that happened over that same two year period?


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