gun·sling·er [guhn-sling-er] noun 1. Informal . gunfighter 2. Slang . a person who acts in an aggressive and decisive manner, especially in business or politics…

That’s me… willing to walk out at high noon and face down the deceitful, the deluded and the just plain ignorant.


Now, I began this blog years ago and it’s something that I never really put the right effort in to. I am a man with a high school education who became and still becomes frustrated when writing because the fact is; I’m not a writer. I was blessed to come out of public educated with the ability and the love, to read. While my literal mind fails to grasp the X Y of algebra, I can look at real numbers and my mind starts calculating. I developed, I guess you would call it the ability to think… I think because I question… everything. I’m a contrarian, a cynic, a sceptic and a doubter, all rolled into this big ball of optimism. Does that sound strange? It shouldn’t. The thing that allows me to be a Gunslinger. to look at things Calmly, rationally and almost emotionally (Except where Ron Paul Wackos are concerned) is the knowledge that even if the worst happens, it’ll be alright. We survive, we learn (Hopefully) and we continue on.

So join me on my trail through the slime of politics and ignore the run on sentences because it take more then bad grammar to stop the truth as I see it.


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