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Let me talk a little bit about guns. Now a word to my liberal friends; drop the talking point “common sense” when talking about the school shootings and such. There is no common sense way to deal with madness. It is just something that can be repeated over and over to make your ideas sound good. No one is falling for that………Now

I grew up and still live in the semi rural south. Growing up, there were no gun cabinets, no gun safes, most people just propped their guns against the corner of the fire place and kids didn’t bother them. What has changed?

How did we go from a nation where guns were not given a second thought but had very few gun deaths, to a nation where guns are shunned but kids are dying all over the place? Popular thought is that if you can hide the gun, don’t let kids see it, teach them to run away, that they will be safe. It seems as if the opposite is true.

I was raised around guns. There is an old 8mm movie clip that was made when I was about 6, where I’m leaning against my father and shooting a 12ga. shotgun. In the early 70’s if my friends and I wanted to go squirrel hunting, the only way to the city limits was marching right through the middle of town carrying our shotguns and 22 rifles. No one cared. People would wave at us as they drove by, no one called out the SWAT team and locked the town down. During hunting season you could find a gun in over half of the cars at the high school. Dropping a knife in your pocket with your change was as natural as putting on your shoes.

What happened? Guns didn’t change. Knives didn’t change.

I raised my children around guns. My son has since raised his children around guns. During the 80’s I did a lot shooting. I shot Bulls Eye, Silhouette, Combat with pistols and Bench Rest with rifles. Never did much with shotguns except play with them. Saturdays were reloading day so that we could go and shoot on Sunday. Most Sundays we would meet at my house, everybody would get their gear out and there would be all kinds of guns everywhere. My children never bothered anything. Why?

I drug my daughter around from gun show to gun show and range to range from the time she was a toddler. By the time my son was born, my shooting was slowing down but he went to his share too. If I happened to buy anything, the first thing that I would do when we got home was to ask my children if they wanted to hold it. If they weren’t interested they said no but if they said yes, I made sure that it was unloaded and just handed it to them. I didn’t make deal of it. Usually after about 4 seconds they would give it back and go about their business. Their curiosity was satisfied.

I never had a problem with them getting even a BB gun when they weren’t supposed to because they knew that if there was something that they wanted to shoot, all they had to was ask. Nothing was hidden.

If you try to hide something from a kid you will send your child hunting for whatever they think you have hidden. If you tell a child not to touch something, it will have little finger prints all over it. That is what kids do and no one can change that. They hunt and they find and there they are holding a gun in their hand. Is it loaded? They don’t know. Is the safety on? They don’t know. Is it single action or double action? They don’t know. They put their finger on the trigger and they can’t pull it back so they play, they don’t know that by pulling the hammer back that it now only takes ¼ the pressure to pull the trigger. And a child dies simply because, they didn’t know. But they should have.

Now, lets talk about Rauch’s favorite scapegoat, the mentally ill, rampaging dangerous criminal. This is from facebook.



Everybody wants to talk about statistics. How many this and how many that and they never want to talk about what the statistics show.

What is the number 1 cause of gun deaths?

Suicide...In 2010 suicide accounted for 62% of of all gun related deaths.So out of 31,076 gun deaths, 19,372 were due to suicides.

How do you feel about suicide? Do you support abortion? Do you believe that a person has a right to their own bodies? While suicide is tragic for the families and so pointless, can it be described as preventable? Does having a gun cause a person to commit suicide? Of course not.

When it comes to unintentional gun deaths, the above mentioned children, the careless hunters and such, there were 606 deaths in 2010.I have to keep repeating myself that I see all deaths as tragic and I don’t want to be seen as just minimalizing these deaths but this is the same number of people that froze to death in the United States in 2003. Where is the outcry? Where are the hundreds of millions of dollars that could possibly save some lives to stop people from freezing? It’s not as politically useful as dead children. The shame is that through education, most of these deaths are preventable.


Now we come to the big boy, homicide.

In 2010 there were around 11,000 gun homicides out of a population of 310 million. I don’t know what that percentage is and it really doesn’t matter. The number is very small.
I make it plain that I support the 2nd amendment as a codification of a God given right.  I believe in constitutional carry and that what weapon a person has is none of the governments business, so now let me give you the kicker… I don’t carry a gun, I’m not licensed to carry because i have no reason to carry a gun and I don’t want to carry a gun. Being a man with a big belly and no ass at all, it;s hard enough for me to keep my pants up now without a gun pulling them to my knees.

The reason that I don’t feel the need to carry a gun is simple but it is something that both the left and the right get wrong. The chance of random violence is miniscule. Murders are committed by friends and family.Gang on gang, drug dealer on drug dealer, they seem to keep to their own.  If something does happen you have a better chance of being shot by the police rather than Rauch”s crazy criminal.

Now let me give you the deal. If there is a person that I’m afraid to see walk down the street with a gun, that is a person that I;m afraid to see walk down the street period…
Why is a dangerous, mentally ill felon walking down the street? The government has completely failed the people when the people are left at the mercy of predators.

As Jefferson wrote in his draft of the Virginia Constitution,  “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”Now that is keeping with the constitution. Whether on probation, parole or completed sentence, a person is released upon the population because they are free. They have been returned to society. If a person has been judged unfit to own or carry a gun because they are a danger to themselves or others, what the hell are they doing letting that person out? Remember the signs that store used to have up about armed robbery? Get 25 years at hard labor without parole if you rob this store, turned into 18 months and they are unleashed back on the population.

As usual, the government has it’s role completely reversed. It’s job is not to control guns to protect the people, it’s job is to control the people that are a danger to others. That is a job that it can do but no, we;ll push the law abiding people and turn the criminals loose.

If I don’t want to carry a gun, why do I fight for the right so hard? I have children and grandchildren and while they may not come for peoples guns tomorrow, what are they going to do in 50 years? Over the last 50 we went to kids being hauled to jail because they forgot about a fishing knife in the trunk of their car.

The liberal mantra seems to be now, now, now. My job is to do what I can today to secure a future for others after I’m gone. A stand has to be made and now is the time to make it.

I’m going to close this with a couple of quotes and a couple of pics that you may find interesting…




I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace. ~ Thomas Paine

“The science of government it is my duty to study, more than all other sciences; the arts of legislation and administration and negotiation ought to take the place of, indeed exclude, in a manner, all other arts. I must study politics and war, that our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. Our sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelain.”

“A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”
― John AdamsLetters of John Adams, Addressed to His Wife
“Posterity! you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it.”
― John AdamsLetters of J
He has a rifle that fits him much better now.
Learning to shoot a revolver about age 6
Braden shooting an AR 15

In a discussion the question was asked, “If Obama is such a bad president, what does that make Bush?” Here’s my take on a few things that the left use against Bush.

Was Bush a great president? No, but he was the right president for the time. While people like to brag on the Clinton “Surplus” they always forget that Bush was sworn in at the start of a recession. They act like the Bush tax cuts were simply to favor the rich… he cut taxes and ended the recession just in time for 9/11.

There are those on the left that try to make out that the Bush administration knew of the attacks in advance and did nothing to stop it. That’s as silly as the one’s on the right who believe that 9/11 was an inside job by our government and that there was no hijacking, no planes and no terrorist. The government did it all. Was information available that would have led anyone to think that 20 terrorist were going to hijack 4 planes at the same time and crash them? No, not even remotely.

Could the aftermath of 9/11 have been handled differently? Sure it could but that doesn’t mean that it could have been handled better. Bush pulled all of America together, as one people. That was his job at the time and he did it well. He was pointedly blunt with our enemies and our allies rushed to our side. President Obama has been pointedly blunt with the American people and our allies and it seems that he has covered for our enemies. A Muslim shouting Allah Akbar kills 13 people at fort Hood and it’s called work place violence.

Now let’s talk about the wars. It seems that people have forgotten what really went on and have made up there own versions.  I’m going to stick with the war in Iraq because that seems to be the most contentious one. I have saw people posting about Bush going into Iraq to get Al qaeda out and ended up with al qaeda in charge but al qaeda was never the question in Iraq. Iraq was strictly about a threat to America.

Why would we think that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Well, it could be because they used chemical weapons on the kurds in there own country. Maybe it was because after the first Gulf war the UN found and helped to destroy tons of chemicals.

By the time that 1998 rolled around it was believed that Saddam Hussein had rebuilt the stock of weapons and President Clinton had bombed suspected sites in Iraq. Clinton signed the Saddam Removal Act in to law in 1998. Democrats everywhere supported the war. It was only in Bushes 2nd term that the left decided that Bush had lied, Remember all of the pictures of Bush being hanged, being shot, be burnt, the Bush mask. All of the things that so offend the left if the same is done to Obama they heap on Bush.

The UN inspectors would search through Iraq and when they named the next place to look, they were denied and kicked out of the country. This happened over and over. There were 14 UN resolutions against Iraq and Iraq ignored them all.

Let me get the “Blood for oil” out of the way here. The United States has not profited from any oil that has been sold from Iraq just as it did not profit from Kuwait when Iraq attacked it in the first Gulf War. I just saw a meme with Dick Cheneys picture and the claim that Halliburton made $39,000,000,000 off of the war. Maybe they did, they are a huge corporation. Now other than working there at one time, Dick Cheney has nothing to do with Halliburton. Now, put the money in perspective, Halliburton makes X number of dollars over 13 – 14 years and the US government makes twice that off of student loans EVERY YEAR. Think about that.

Back to Iraq and WMD. The main reason that it was believed that Iraq still had chemical weapons and was running a nuclear program was because that was what Saddam Hussein wanted the world to believe. His defecting military members believed that he had them, after the war began, captured military believed that he had them. Saddam played a huge bluff and he got called.
Now today, June 29 2014 we have new news

“Chemical weapons produced at the Al Muthanna facility, which Isis today seized, are believed to have included mustard gas, Sarin, Tabun, and VX.

Here is the CIA’s file on the complex.

QuoteStockpiles of chemical munitions are still stored there. The most dangerous ones have been declared to the UN and are sealed in bunkers.

Although declared, the bunkers contents have yet to be confirmed.

These areas of the compound pose a hazard to civilians and potential blackmarketers.

Numerous bunkers, including eleven cruciform shaped bunkers were exploited. Some of the bunkers were empty. Some of the bunkers contained large quantitiesof unfilled chemical munitions, conventional munitions, one-ton shipping containers, old disabled production equipment (presumed disabled under UNSCOM supervision), and other hazardous industrial chemicals.”

“The remaining chemical weapons from Saddam Hussein’s regime are stored in two sealed bunkers, both located at the Al Muthanna Chemicals Weapons Complex, a large site in the western desert some 80km north west of Baghdad.

This was the principal manufacturing plant for both chemical agents and munitions during Saddam Hussein’s rule.

Thousands of tonnes of chemical weapons were produced, stored and deployed by the Saddam Hussein regime. Iraq used these weapons during the Iran – Iraq War (1980 to 1988) and against the Kurds in Halabja in 1988.

16.32 Isis jihadists have seized a chemical weapons facility built by Saddam Hussein which contains a stockpile of old weapons, State Department officials have told the Wall Street Journal:”

Can anyone explain to me where these chemicals came from if there were no chemicals were in Iraq?

There is one person and one person only to blame for the war in Iraq and that is Saddam Hussein.


Imagine post 9/11 and the country is being threatened with WMD’s and the President does nothing and VX gas is released in the New York subway. The united States went to war with Iraq because it had too. The chance could not be taken. In going to war Bush was up front with the American people that this would be a long and drawn out war, Obama pulled us out of Iraq and the country is much worse off.

Let me finish with another nonsense meme that the left loves to put out, “The right is racist because they only started caring about the deficit after Obama became president.” For the most part we didn’t worry about the deficit. We had ran deficit for years so nothing was new… until TARP. Now this was under Bush, the bank bailouts of hundreds of billions of dollars opened peoples eyes. A yes vote for TARP cost many republicans their position and caused some to resign. The battle of the dollar was on and Bush was the President. Obama came in throwing gas on the fire with the waste of the stimulus and programs that were going to cost the country, businesses and the people money all the while people were losing their jobs. The government was blind to this.

Signing the Patriot Act was another dumb ass move by Bush but then Obama signed it too including adding indefinite detention to the NDAA.

Any more Questions just ask?

I came across this meme today and thought that I would do a little checking of the facts, so here it is…


Now anyone who followed me during the last election cycle knows what I think of Paul Ryan. He’s a big government republican who doesn’t know how to spell conservative. He’s been the number three man in John Boehner’s clown posse for years and i hope you get my point. But… I’m one of these odd people that kinda likes the truth and this isn’t exactly it.

It says that Ryan supported raising the minimum wage when Bush asked for it but under Obama he claims that it will cost jobs. First off, President Bush NEVER asked for the minimum wage to be raised. Both the House and the Senate were controlled by the Democrats and this was their plan all the way. All that George Bush had to do with it was that he said that if they sent him the bill, that he would sign it. And he did.

Next we have Ryan’s own words about supporting the increase but did you notice how he qualified his support by tying it to cuts in the small business tax? He basically said yeah, I’ll support it if we credit back the money paid to small businesses. Guess what happened next, they left off the rest of his platform. No… they wouldn’t do that would they?

Here is his quote from the meme…  “Last year, I supported an increase in the minimum wage because it also included tax relief measures for employers to offset the cost of the proposed minimum wage increase.” This meme was created from a Think Progress story and the story did tell the truth begrudgingly while still trying to spin it,

“A ThinkProgress analysis finds that at least 67 Republicans who are still in Congress today backed an increase in the minimum wage in some form, including Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).”

Farther down we find…

“Though Ryan ultimately voted against the measure, he argued that he supported raising the hourly rate as long as it came with a suitable “offset” of small business relief. “Last year, I supported an increase in the minimum wage because it also included tax relief measures for employers to offset the cost of the proposed minimum wage increase,” he noted in a floor speech, as he announced “with great regret” that he could not back the bill without more small business tax cuts.”

Wait a minute, wait a minute… He voted NO… With George Bush as President Paul Ryan voted no to the increase and because he says no to Obama he’s a hypocrite. Really…

Now let’s talk seriously for a minute. There can be no comparison between raising the wage in 2007 and raising it now. Look at the unemployment numbers, look at the work force, look the economy, then and now. We have never recovered. Obama talks about all of the jobs created but we have less people working today than there were in 2008. So someone could vote yes in 2007 and vote no today simply because the economy can’t take it.

One last thing… Post Hoc Err Prompter Hoc… because of that, this.The democrats minimum wage increase went into effect July 2007, July 2008 and July 2009…. and can anyone think of something else that happened over that same two year period?

“Goldstein was delivering his usual venomous attack
upon the doctrines of the Party–an attack so exaggerated and perverse that
a child should have been able to see through it, and yet just plausible
enough to fill one with an alarmed feeling that other people, less
level-headed than oneself, might be taken in by it. “

~ George Orwell 1984

Looking back, I can still remember the first time that I read this paragraph; it was as if my mind opened and I was assaulted and beaten by the word “Liberal.” And to this day, Liberal still jumps out because this was the how of liberalism then, and it’s still the how now

You know, my life is an open book, if you want to know something, just ask. Now two of the things that I put up front for all to see is my politics and the fact that no matter how good I would like to be, my writing sucks. But all is not lost, I’ve learned that between my ramblings and some well placed quotes I can convey a message that’s honest, truthful, educational and simply cuts through the bull shit. If you can follow along.

Before jumping back to the how of liberalism, let’s look at the why of liberalism.

“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.” ~ P.J. O’Rourke

My experience with liberals parallels that quote. I have had the distasteful task of actually spending time on the leftist sites, Daily Kos, Media matters, Americans against the Republican Party,Mother Jones, Addictinginfo and more. Not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination. Personal responsibility is unknown. Just look at who they championed for the minimum wage increase; a woman who has been working for minimum wage for ten years. McDonald’s is not her problem; she is her problem. And I can’t help but feel that the woman was really encouraged to speak out and kind of like Sandra Fluke, used for political purposes.

Economically illiterate, they want to make policy on things that they don’t understand. They lack an understanding for all policy it seems because they cannot debate on policy. If you follow them you will find that the problems in this world are Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Citizens United, The Koch Brothers, Guns, Greedy Corporations, Republicans, Racist and homaphobes (Lump them together under Republicans) and income inequality. If these things could be stamped out, the would would be unicorns and rainbows.

That is the why of liberalism. It’s not your fault, it’s somebody else’s fault and the government will take from others and give it to you.  They create division. The reason that you’re poor is because the rich man has your money. SMDH

Ok, back to the how of liberalism. To put it bluntly, instead of open debate, they lie. As Orwell, said, they put just enough truth in it to lure you in and then you get lost in the hyperbole. A child should know better but the liberals will fall for it every time.

So what brought this up? I posted a meme from Americans against the republican party…


Two liberal friends commented it seems correct to them… can you see where things got stretched some? The sad fact is that liberals do not dare question what they are told. Lets put a few more memes up and see if we can spot a trend. Notice the comment on this one.


Here’s one more. I’ll add a few comments to it for fun


Hahahahahaha Liberals eat this kind of stuff up. But what happens when a liberal is faced with rational thought?

  • Alan Peppers Wait a minute now, Since she made the part about shooting people up out whole cloth, that disqualifies her from any discussion.
    • Michelle Schneider Feldman You haven’t been trolling in the right places, Alan – those RWNJs certainly do threaten to shoot … assassination … murder … the whole thing. And not just about “shootin’ dem gubmint moroons who gonna take ma guns.”
    • Robert Williams What do you think all those comments about Second Amendment Solutions was?
    • Sam J. Barris Yeah, I can’t imagine where she would get something like that.…/-Facebook-Christian-Militia…

      So now, Right-Wing ‘Christian’ extremists are making death threats against Presi…See More
    • Alan Peppers Let me see if I understand this? You are painting 50 plus million people by the facebook status of 1 nut. Am I understanding correctly? This site, the Daily Kos, posted an article meant to create division based on the facebook status of 1 nut. I mean really. I’m going to quote another poster right down from here. Scroll down and look, it’s the full quote, nothing taken out of context.

      ” I believe that mental illness of the sort I see in many radical right wing nuts in America today is an epidemic that is being spread by the propaganda of the Koch brothers and Fox News. I even firmly believe that both Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch and most of his propaganda staff are infected with the insanity they have been spreading. You can se evidence of this insanity by the manner in which so many people on Facebook keep mindlessly repeating the same lies they hear on Fox and see in the media controlled by the Koch brothers and Murdoch.”

      Now let me tweak this to a right wing point of view.

      ” I believe that mental illness of the sort I see in many radical left wing nuts in America today is an epidemic that is being spread by the propaganda of the George Soros and MSNBC News. I even firmly believe that both George Soros and Media Matters and most of his propaganda staff are infected with the insanity they have been spreading. You can se evidence of this insanity by the manner in which so many people on Facebook keep mindlessly repeating the same lies they hear on MSNBC and see in the media controlled by George Soros and the Daily Kos.”

      Is one right and one wrong? Are both right or would believe that they are both wrong?

      My point of posting was to say that you can’t offer an honest debate and start it with hyperbole and rhetoric.

    • Alan Peppers
      Nothing, nada, zip They scurry back to their little holes.

Ted Cruz

Ok folks, here’s a straight shot right down the barrel on our young Senator from Texas; sorry Ted but you’re just the latest in a long string of asshats.

Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t, because Ted being an asshat is par for the course. Lets take a quick look at all the heros and saviours that the people have screamed for over the last few years. See if any of these names ring a bell… Sarah Palin, Scott Brown, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann and the list goes on. These are people that through simply saying words, not actions now but words, were carried to the top of Mt. Olympus… until they fell.

Back to Ted… How did Ted become an asshat? Well, he’s probably away’s been one, it’s just people never called him on it. He let the curtin start slipping when he staged that wacky filibuster with Rand Paul that did absolutely nothing except give them publicity. Now here is the latest tidbit showing that Ted is just another politician talking out both sides of his mouth.

Sen. Cruz Blasts the President: ‘Obama Is NOT Following the Constitution’

Ok now! Ted is all pissed that Obama made the decision to hold parts of Obamacare back a year. I can understand that. The law (Obamacare) was passed by the House, passed by Senate and signed by the President. Ted is absolutely right, the President does not have the Constitutional power to change laws to suit his fancy… BUT… Now here is the kicker on Ted… While blasting Obama, he and a bunch of other republicans think that they can simply not fund a law that was passed by the House, by the Senate and signed by the President. It doesn’t work that way. Ted doesn’t have the Constitutional power to change laws to suit his fancy either. The law says that Obamacare will be funded. So…

Listen, whether you love Obamacare or hate it, good or bad, it IS the aw of the land. now I don’t mean to be singling Ted out, as I said he’s just the latest in a long line but this story caught my eye. I could just as well be writing about my Congressman, Jeff Duncan; blah, blah, blah … defund… blah, blah, blah. Pass a bill in the House and the Senate and let the President sign it to repeal law or go on to other business. Don’t stand around like a bunch of hypocrites crying about what the President is doing while you’re doing the same thing.

If you want to shut the government down… go for it. we’ll shut it down over the debt, over the budget or over the NSA spying but if you want to shut it down because you just don’t like a law, then you sir are an asshat.


You know, in the last sentence of the Declaration of Independence, our founders pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor because they understood the enormity  of their undertaking. Failure meant death, it meant loss of land and money. It meant death and misery to all that they loved. Today, people are terrified of insurance.

I oppose Obamacare… but not for the same reasons that all of the battles have been fought over. I mean really… here we have republicans, mad as fire, spitting nails because the democrats have the gall to force someone to be responsible. If you’re like me you can’t count the times that you have been paying a hospital or doctor bill with the full knowledge that the person next to you was not going to pay crap.

Of course the liberal plan will be a disaster but thats not the point. The point is that the republicans picked the absolutely stupidest points to attack Obamacare on.

Are there death panels in Obamacare? Of course there are; just like with every insurance company in the world the yes or no decision falls somewhere. Sarah Palin (I’ll get to her another time) led people off on some wild ass idea of what the death panels were. Now a Gunslinger, while being fearless, understands the meaning of responsibility. In 2008, while preparing to have my right hip replaced, I did things that every responsible person should do; I signed a living will and a healthcare power of attorney.

How Sarah could twist one of the smartest, most caring things that you can do for your family into a terrifying death trap is insane. But the fact that people would actually believe her is a blight upon civilization. For an elderly person, a living will and health care power of attorney can be both frightening and confusing; if a family member brings it up it may create resentment and anger. Instead of a death panel, trying to get them to die, this talk by a doctor can be a blessing for a family.

There will be more on Obamacare as I go into the…

Sleeping Giants

If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it came back out during the summer of 2009. Congress was on their August recess and the libs were pushing the stimulus and Obamacare and the Townhall meetings were hot and heavy. People were adamantly opposed and were letting the elected weasels know it. In April of 2009 Rep. Senator Arlen Specter, fearing a loss flipped to a democrat and and began his pitch to the people. The people didn’t want to hear it and in one meeting a woman looked at Specter and said “You have awakened a sleeping giant.”

FEAR… the root of our division. People shout about the Constitution and this and that but it all boils down to fear. People who had never given politics the slightest interest were now suddenly activist screaming from the street corner. To say the least, the majority of these people were ill informed or misinformed and it remains so today. They fell in with the Ron Paul Wacko’s and the single issue voters and our political system is now in disarray.

I’m going to close this up by saying something that you may not want to hear…

In the November election of 2012, Barack Obama was elected President by the majority of voters. Like, don’t like it, it doesn’t matter, by electing him, they also voted in favor of his policies. People are talking about impeachment and jail and all this other crap but are simply looking at the symptom rather then the problem. The problem is the people who elected him. They can not be reasoned with to change their mind so they will have to be motivated to see things differently.

How do you motivate them? PAIN… that’s right. Let the pain of their own decisions destroy their liberal, socialist dream. I started off talking about the founders and what they had to lose and here we are crying over a little hardship. Suck it up, settle in and watch what happens. Until This happens we will be torn down year after year anyway so become a Gunslinger and not only face the world but challenge the world, fearlessly.


Paul Ryan is rolling out his new budget proposal and it is going to be just as effective as his other budgets have been. It is going to do nothing. This time he is going to balance the budget in 10 years rather than 40 and it’s going to be so smooth that you will never feel the spending cuts. The main reason that you won’t feel the cuts is that there aren’t any. You don’t need to go back and read that again; there aren’t any.

Once again Mr. Ryan has decided that reforms have to be made to Medicare (It does, just not by him) and even throws out a threat. He says “Anyone who attacks our Medicare proposal without offering a credible alternative is complicit in the program’s demise.” Today, that is meaningless gibberish, today, both Medicare and Social security, if they’re not now, they are so close to covering themselves that it’s not funny. Yes, we are going to have to reform them both but it does not have to be done today. They are not the reason that we are in debt.

Now to get to that whole “There are no cuts” thing. The Ryan plan is based on hope and change. Yeah, I’ve heard that before too. His hope is that the economy will be changing for the better and that instead of 5% spending increases,we will only need to increase spending by 3.4% each year. So you see folks, we will balance the budget not by cutting spending but by continuing to increase at a slower pace. You’ve got all that now, right?

Now there is one cut in the proposal that could make it work and that is a simple thing of getting the Senate and the President to go along with defunding Obamacare. I don’t know what could go wrong with that plan, do you? Like it or don’t like it, Obamacare is here and it is not leaving anytime soon. The fact that this cut is the backbone of the budget makes it all the more laughable. This budget is not worth the paper it is written on and the House will once more vote yes to another waste of time.

I mean really people, this is the very best that they can come up with. Play with Medicare, Obamacare and cut spending by not increasing spending as fast and you are supposed to end up with a balanced budget. Ahmmm.

As soon as they’re ready to tell each and every Department that they are getting less money this year then they did last year, I’ll start trying to get my laughter under control but until then…